Profiled wood element production line (PHE)

The most efficient and most inexpensive method

of manufacturing solid wall and ceiling elements in visible quality!


The machine concept makes it possible to produce high value stacked timber elements up to visible quality from inexpensive raw material in shortest possible time even in large numbers with only one operator.

For the production of the “profiled wood elements”, 24 mm side boards, which are produced as a by-product during the beam production, are joined with aluminium groove pins to form profiled wood elements.

The solid, high-strength and versatile elements can be produced at lowest costs in thicknesses from 8 cm to 25 cm, up to 1.20 m width and of any length.

The unplaned side boards of any length are provided with a lateral profile in the board thickness without planing losses. It permits the creation of a visible surface with low board quality without additional expenses.  


The wood losses from the raw material to the finished element are less than 3 %!

That is exemplary for lasting and environmentally friendly products.

Current advancement


In the current advancement an automatic finger jointing unit has been integrated. Here the front sides of the raw 24 mm boards (possible lengths from 2 to 5 m) are processed on the dovetail cutter, later the dovetails are glued and pressed together.

Thus, it is possible to work with a continuous disk without additional efforts.




  • Profil-Holz-Elemente werden als massive Decken-, Wand- oder Dachelemente verwendet.
  • Decken aus Profil-Holz-Elementen können sofort begangen werden.
  • Ein Mann kann in kürzester Zeit Profil-Holz-Elemente in Sichtqualität produzieren.
  • Sägeraue Brettware wird ohne Hobelverluste seitlich mit einem Profil versehen. Dadurch wird schon mit geringer Brettqualität ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand eine Sichtoberfläche erzeugt.
  • Es lassen sich zeitgleich Bauteile in verschiedenen Größen und Längen fertigen.
  • Durch das Steuerungsprogramm wird der Verschnitt minimiert.