Innovationen für den Holzbau

Automatic 4-sided timber planing and chamfering machine HM-3

This incomparable automatic timber planing and chamfering machine provides outstanding benefits:

  • Cross-sections from 15 x 30 mm to 300 x 400 mm without presetting.
  • Motorisation with 4 motors 7.0 KW (optionally 4 x 9.2 KW)
  • Feed of 0-22 m/min
  • Sound insulation cabin 76 dB (A)
  • Chip removal of 12 mm on the left hand and right hand side, 4 mm below and 8 mm above
  • Processing timber lengths with a minimum length of 1 m
  • Part feeding possible on both sides using pneumatic infeed arms
  • Timber ejection also possible on both sides
  • Cross-section input on the display or it can be called from the memory
  • Particularly suitable for bent and twisted timber
  • Connection to a fully automatic joinery machine or a Speed-Cut
  • Automatic transfer of the planing parameters from the single piece construction program
  • Automatic transfer from all commercially available joinery and CAD programs
  • Trouble-free planing of parts already joined using contour recognition (e.g. clogging etc.)
  • Full or part planing without presetting
  • Incomparable cost-performance ratio
  • Very fast cutter change without tool, planer head (TERSA®) with centrifugal clamping system
  • Automatic feed speed control according to actually required cutting performance
  • Automatic thickness planing (cross-section input on the display or it can be called from the memory)
  • Process-controlled feeds: Feed speed is controlled automatically according to the load of the planer motors


  • Planing and chamfering timber without pre-setting
  • Fully automatic thickness planing
  • Planing with automatic cross-section scanning
  • Planing of part areas