4-sided timber planing and chamfering machine

Planing and chamfering timber without pre-setting!


From roof lath to heavy purlin!


Planing structural timber (fully automatic sensing or timber sizing) and chamfering from the roof lath to the heavy purlin without presetting and re-tooling using automatic cross-section scanning, length measurement and pre-positioning of all units as well as feeds.


Planing and chamfering cross-sections from 15 x 30 mm to 300 x 400 mm or 400 x 625 mm.


Two types of the planer are available:

HM-3 and HM-4; HM-4 is again available for 400 mm and 625 mm.


Brochure HM

  • Planing and chamfering timber without pre-setting with automatic cross-section scanning
  • From roof lath to purlin without retooling
  • Fully automatic thickness planing
  • Planing of part areas
  • Planing of already joined timber