Loading system for Hundegger plants

Pick & Feed

Loading system for Hundegger joinery machines, automatic cutting machines and processing centres


The fully automatic Pick & Feed unit serves to destack prepositioned timber packages with structural timber, laminated wood, solid construction timber or TJI girders and to feed them to the loading conveyor of a Hundegger joinery or cutting machine or machining centre as well as to fill the floor storage. For filling the floor storage, the operating personnel sets down a raw timber package at the storage place by means of crane or high-lift truck and align them along limit stops. The layer picker of the Pick & Feed machine positions fully automatically above the package and transports it in individual layers to a free space in the floor storage. For loading of the SPM2 with wallboard, chipboard or OSB panels, this is carried out by means of vacuum technology. The dimensions of the woods, wood packages, as well as their position are stored by the computer of the joinery or cutting machine and graphically represented on the screen. The cross-sections and lengths required for a construction project are called by the single piece construction program from the floor storage and fully automatically transported by the layer picker to the loading conveyor. Raw timber of a position that is not required is kept back in the store.



  • Timbers are fed according to layers
  • Automatic filling of the supply store