CAMBIUM software Speed-Panel Machine

All parts and operations can be seen on a virtual 3-D computer generated image. The user has the possibility to choose the 3-D image between partial views of the parts or a general view of the project. Due to the possibility of visualizing the parts in different 3-D views, special technical features can be easily registered and realized. The data of the parts can be entirely transferred on almost all timber- and CAD-programs. Additional interfaces via DXF-or DWG-format are available. The parts also can be generated, using the EXCEL functions or to be registered by hand on the PC’s control panel. The work processes can also be simulated in 3-D, thus preventing errors considerably. The associated optimization software reduces the wastage to a maximum possible Level by means of less working steps. Complex component geometries are easy to nest as well as direction sensitive material or tongue and groove panels. All work processes are induced in the corresponding setting and timing, allowing a  production costs estimate to be carried out before. All productions data are archived and can be used further e.g. material orders can be placed referring to the list of components or for a post calculation. If you have any questions about the program, our highly qualified service team will advise you by phone or via remote maintenance.



Input examples


Nesting program

Licensed cut optimisation (nesting) including USB dongle (optional).

optimises all parts in the raw panel formats using the software.

minimises the waste and operating time due to optimum part position.


List creation:

  • Production data acquisition (PDA)
  • Post-calculations
  • Overhead cost calculations
  • Sawmill lists
  • Cutting lists
  • Roughcut lists
  • Packing slip
  • Delivery notes