Speed-Panel Machine SPM-2

The SPM2 is a fully automatic machine for the production of all panel materials, which are used in construction. The laminar parts from 600 x 600 mm to 3200 x 1300 mm or 6000 x 2600 mm and a thickness of 5 to 120 mm are sawed, milled, drilled and labelled with computer control.


Areas of application are processing of panelling in timber frame construction, OSB panels in timber construction, linings in the interior fittings or mass production of panels for special formwork construction, façade construction and production of wood packing just to name a few.


The following detailed list gives you further indications about the possible application of the SPM-2. You can see all information on processing of the different panel materials as well as the relevant options of the required aggregates for processing.
The SPM-2 is able to process the following materials:

  • Solid wood panels
  • Chipboard, OSB and fibreboard panels
  • Wallboard panels
  • Fermacell-HD Panels
  • Fibre-cement board Panels
  • Eternit panels
  • HPL panels
  • Rigid foam insulating wall panels
  • Wood soft board insulating wall panels etc


 For the processing of the above mentioned materials you dispose of the following aggregates:

  •  3-axis milling unit (up to 4 pieces)   


  • 4-axis circular saw (can be rotated through 180°)


  • 5-axis circular saw unit (inclination from the Z-axis is 51°)
  • Ink-Jet labelling System


Hereafter you will be informed about the possibilities of processing which can be realized with the different aggregates:

  • Saw cuts at all angles
  • Milling of all contours, forms and letterings
  • Milling using 5-axis unit
  • Drilling of all diameters 
  • Countersinking of all diameters
  • Edge processing e.g. chamfers, tongue and groove processing, dry lining edges for Fermacell and wallboard panels etc.
  • Ink jet lettering for numberings, bar code labelling, customer logos etc.

Chip extraction is always carried out directly at the processing spot. Here, the extraction system is automatically closed at all units which are not in use. Panel feed can be done manually or with the existing vacuum lifter. Our fully automatic loading system permits processing directly from the stack without additional handling expenses "unmanned production".


Cuts and processingcan be entered directly by the operator on the machine computer or the complete data can be transferred from all commercially available CAD programs. The nesting optimisation module integrated in the machine program optimises all parts as regards waste optimisation and processing quality and speed within seconds. All software upgrades are free of charge as usual.



  • Saw cuts at all angles
  • Finger milling in all contours, circles, curves etc.
  • Drilling of all diameters
  • Countersinking of all diameters
  • Edge machining such as chamfering, dry lining edges for Fermacell panels etc.
  • Inkjet labelling (numbering, barcode labelling, customer logos) etc.

Brochure SPM-2

  • Saw cuts at all angles
  • End mill processings in all contours, circles, curves
  • Drilling of all diameters
  • Countersinking of all diameters
  • Edge processings like chamfering, dry lining edges for Fermacell panels etc.
  • Inkjet labelling. numbering, barcode labelling, customer logos