Units for the Panel Cutting Machine PBA

Chain saw

The chain saw has a motor capacity of 15 KW and can be positioned in 5-axes. A very high surface quality is achieved due to the optimised cutting speed of the saw chain. The saw blade can be swivelled through 360° and bevelled from 0° to 90°, which enables the production of any number of longitudinal, bevelled, diagonal and compound cuts as well as lateral slots with any width. Corners can be produced accurately (without radii) as a result of special geometry of the saw blade.


Vertical milling units

The vertical milling units are driven with motors from 7.5 KW to 22 KW and can be equipped with various end milling, profile milling, finger joint or plate cutters (max. ø 310 mm, max. length 350 mm). With the units operating vertically from above any number of openings and contours can be milled as well as all kinds of profiling, dovetailing, slots, rabbets etc. can be produced. With the speed regulation of the motors (up to 6000 rpm), the optimum cutting speed can be set for each tools.


Vertical drilling units

With the vertical drilling units (3.0 KW) through holes can be made in parts with a thickness of up to 480 mm. Also all kinds blind holes, countersinks or ring dowels can be produced with the computer-controlled power stroke. The speed can be continuously adjusted up to 3000 rpm.



With the marker it is possible to do lettering or to draw any types of lines (straight lines, contours, circles, circular arcs) on the top of the part . The special marker which is available in blue, red, green and black colours, writes both on dry and damp wood producing optimum quality. Optional: lettering unit with marking chalk ø 12 mm.


4 axis unit

The 4 axis unit has a motor power of 5.5 kW. It can be applied for milling grooves and rebates or for milling/drilling lateral holes. With the two-sided tool holder, two tools can be installed at the same time. Cylindrical cutters up to max. ø 350 mm x 120 mm as well as end mills, dovetail milling cutters or drills can be mounted. The tools can be positioned freely.



Tool changer for 5 axis milling unit

The 38 KW 5-axis milling unit has a tool changer with up to 11 tools at its disposal. Depending upon the requirements of the part to be processed, the suitable tool from the magazine is automatically taken. The management and selection of the tools is carried out in the PBA program. The characteristic data of the milling, drilling, or sawing tools also contains the optimal speed besides type, diameter, length and magazine slot and it can be called automatically.

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Circular saw planing unit

With the 22 KW circular planer it is possible to level the surfaces (optional: sanding).