Complete software package provided as a standard feature  of the machine

The most sophisticated mechanical engineering is only as good as the software that controls it.

This is why at Hundegger, we attach enormous importance to our integrated in-house software development department.

The result: solutions which are perfecly
adjusted to customer requirements and which are continuously further developed and maintained. We thus want to ensure that our customers go on benefiting long after their initial purchase, because we consider regular software updates.

The new Hundegger 3D production program CAMBIUM is characterized by simple input tailored to the needs of the timber construction industry and by its outstanding operating simplicity.




Flexibly adjusted to the specific needs

If required, CAMBIUM can also be quickly and flexibly adjusted to the specific needs of different users such as production  engineering staff, machine operators etc.

CAMBIUM now offers different processing strategies for optimum adaptation of the
machine to customer-specific production quality requirements. For special requirements by the user, they can even be freely configured by means of free selection of procedure, tool, speed, rotation speed etc.

Open-ended architecture for the simple integration of a Hundegger machine into company networks, comprehensive production data acquisition and scope for efficient remote diagnostic and remote servicing round off this offer.


CAMBIUM is naturally configured and supplied in the respective national language.


Selbstverständlich wird CAMBIUM in der jeweiligen Landessprache konfiguriert und ausgeliefert.

Data transfer

Automatic transfer of all required data from joinery and timber construction programs without manual finish processing.

Direct input

Parts can also be directly designed with CAMBIUM. The clearly arranged 3D depiction provides optimum user support and makes child's play of data entry.

Processing macros

The user's own processing macros such as drilling patterns, complex profiles etc. can be individually defined and saved.

Integrated online help

User-friendly help texts are available for each function (message – description – solution).

Automatic optimisation

CAMBIUM offers cutting optimisation and optionally also surface optimisation.

List depiction

At the press of a button, CAMBIUM generates all required lists per project (parts list, sawmill lists, stock lists etc.)

Hundegger Software Cambium

  • User-friendly
  • Inclusive data transfer from joinery and CAD programs
  • Production data acquisition
  • administration of supply wood