Hundegger panel cutting machine


Complete processing of glulams, solid wood panels and other panels!

With Hundegger Panel cutting machines, large components, such as wall, ceiling or roof members, can be efficiently processed -- down to the millimetre. Individual equipment of the machine to customer requirements allows processing of the widest range of materials, such as solid wood, glulams, laminated wood, multi-layer panels and sandwich elements.


Component and processing flexibility

Processing centres are capable of executing any type of longitudinal, diagonal or mitre cuts, of milling openings of any shape and size and of drilling blind or through holes. The units which make this possible can be equipped with the widest range of tools, such as dovetail mills, routers, or side milling and profile milling cutters. Freely-programmable paths for all tools make for an extremely wide range of processing capabilities.


Economy meets ergonomy

The work area of the machine may be subdivided, so that the machine operator can load a section of the machine while the gantry automatically processes a workpiece in another section. Thanks to the special supporting tables and machine design, clamping of the workpiece is not necessary.

To further support the machine operator, the interface integrated to the software allows him/her to import processing data from all common CAD programs. However, the operator can also enter or modify all operations directly on the machine. An intuitive graphic user interface is provided for this purpose.


Hundegger offers outstanding benefits:

  • 5-axis gantry
  • Tool changer
  • Free software updates
  • Almost round-the-clock service