Groove and rebate milling cutter NFA

In the "groove and rebate milling cutter", each board is provided with grooves, which later in the finished wall provide a permanent air layer and thus a clearly better insulation value than in case of pure solid wood. In addition a groove and rebate joint is milled, which ensures lateral register accuracy and higher strength.

The fed-in 24 mm boards made from side pieces in widths of 14 cm to 26 cm are processed by two grooving heads equipped cutting edges, for the production of the rabbet joints on both sides and a saw-milling spindle for milling the air cushion grooves, as well as an adjustable horizontal planing spindle for equalising the panel thickness. The mill can be operated highly rationally in one-man operation.  



Grooves act as additional air cushions for improving the λ value.

  • With air cushion grooves
  • With rabbet joints