Joinery machine K2-Industry


The industrial high-performance class with maximum availability

K2-Industry sets completely new standards in performance, flexibility

and capability for processing structural timber components.



Our engineer's ingenuity and years of experience has enabled Hundegger to launch a completely new machine generation.

Every detail and manufacture of each component is uncompromisingly designed for high-performance and the demands

24 hour, 3-shift operation.

The new K2-Industry brings a significant leap forward in performance for every user.

The advantages of the new K2-Industry:

  • Excellent performance and impressive capabilities
  • Each machine is made to customers specific requirements
  • Huge variety of different processing units to meet the demands of all applications
  • Processing of massive timber sections up to 1,300 mm x 300 mm - to any length
  • Maximum precision machining of Glulam. CLT, LVL, KVH

Flexibility on top form

Machining timber flexibly and efficiently without measuring or marking and without changeover times –
the new K2-Industry makes this possible for all timber construction companies that value maximum
productivity for structural  joinery  through to log house construction.

Highlights of the new K2-Industry

In contrast to joinery machines with just one spindle and with tool change systems, the K2-Industry performs particularly well in industrial joinery thanks to its multi-unit concept.

For each operation, a specially developed unit is provided with tools tailored to that unit.

The result: maximum performance without tool changeover times.

Benefit from impressive performance, speed and accuracy that will bring a new dimension to your productivity.



Whether you choose series or one-off production, the new K2-Industry always offers maximum flexibility at speed. Tool changeover times become a thing of the past. The machine is ready for operations of all types: from conservatories with small cross-sections to massive laminated beams, CLT timber elements, LVL - measuring up to 1,300 mm x 300 mm.

The revolutionary handling system of the K2-Industry with two gripper and guide carriages fixes the timber directly to the machine and therefore ensures maximum precision even for the processing of bent or twisted beams. This leads to a new standards of accuracy.


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For an optimum leap in performance, With Hundegger 's modular machine building the K2 industry offers a wide range of options to meet customer requirements and applications.


Installation examples of joinery machines with or without a planer