Speed-Cut SC-3

Cutting - drilling - milling - slotting - marking - labelling  

The Speed-Cut was developed predominantly for quick and precise cutting to size, as well as for processing simple timber parts (drilling, milling, slotting, marking, labelling). For cutting gluelam parts or timber frame parts, unrivalled speed is achieved at full flexibility and precision.  

The most efficient machine for stand construction and nailed plate truss cutting


Fast cutting to size with more cutting options

Timber cross-sections from 20 x 40 mm to 160 x 450 mm (optionally 200 x 450 mm) with any timber length can be processed.

The Speed Cut machine has two conveyor systems working independently of each other; this permits incomparably fast and precise wood handling and thus extremely short processing times without retooling and re-setting.

Using the waste optimization, various different parts can be produced from one single long raw timber fully automatically. Even with the standard machine, multiple layers (stack processing) can be safely transported and accurately processed.


Videos SC-3


Brochure SC-3

  • Any timber length
  • Manual or automatic feed
  • Automatic timber outfeed
  • Data interface
  • Easy retrofitting of processing units