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Computer-controlled welding system for producing reinforcement carpets

Bamtec Rebar mat welding system

The computer-controlled welding machine is designed for the production of custom-made reinforcement carpets. Cut to size according to the local conditions and the respective floor contour, under consideration of all recesses, cutouts etc. and adapted to the individual static requirements.

According to the BAMTEC®-reinforcement process, a reinforcement carpet made from reinforcement steel, with diameters 8 mm to 28 mm and a max. length of 15 m is manufactured and simultaneously rolled up suitable for transport so that the rolls just need to be rolled out at the construction site. Due to the computer control, the entire plant is designed for one-man operation so that the operator can also do the job of loading and unloading the finished BAMTEC rolls. 


All rods mass-produced by the straightening and cutting machine are transported automatically by means of a cross transfer equipped with 32 compartments into the feeding channel of the automatic welding machine. Even rods up to 28 mm can be welded; since they are not available in the coil form, they are added as individual rods.

The resulting reinforcement mesh is rolled up in the machine into a carpet and can now be removed with a single crane. The roll is further provided with a label on which all necessary specifications can be printed.