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Application and mounting of the reinforcement carpets

Mounting the carpets is very easy. Without crossbeam, the carpet can be carried to its starting point with a crane. The advantage is that no materials need to be transported from the construction site back to the manufacturing plant.
There they can be easily unrolled by two workers in the shortest possible time. The time for the installation of the reinforcement is minimised, without a laying team! Since the position of each carpet is accurately specified, the BAMTEC® reinforcement technology guarantees a high position accuracy and workmanship quality.





  • Reduction of the laying time by 80-90% due to the fast rolling out of fewer reinforcement elements
  • Saving in reinforcement steel of up to 40% due to freely selectable rod diameters, rod spacing and rod lengths
  • Higher laying quality due to simple positioning and accurate rod position
  • Guaranteed quality and high efficiency due to computer-controlled, fully automatic production
  • Simple reinforcement plans
  • Ergonomic working method on the building site
  • Reduction of the total construction time
  • Reduction in CO2 emission due to material efficiency