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Bamtec® Rebar mat welding system

The reinforcement from the roll


A BAMTEC®production line consists of two components:

A BAMTEC® straightening and cutting machine and the BAMTEC® automatic welding machine.



BAMTEC® reinforcement technology

The BAMTEC® reinforcement technology is a highly efficient system for planning, production and installation of rolled reinforcement elements. The extraordinary economy results from the constant use of electronic data in reinforcement planning and production, the maximum material efficiency as well as the resources optimisation at every work step.

BAMTEC® is the alternative to the conventional steel reinforcement of concrete and/or pre-stressing.

The BAMTEC® reinforcement technology is spread all over the world and is the economical technique for the reinforcement of reinforces concrete floor and base plates in building construction.

The main advantages of the BAMTEC® reinforcement technology compared with conventional reinforcement shows savings in reinforcement steel of up to 40%, a reduction in the laying time of between 80 - 90%, with a simultaneous improvement in quality.


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  • Reduction in the laying time of about 80-90% due to the fast rolling out of few reinforcement elements
  • Saving in reinforcement steel of up to 40% due to freely selectable rod diameters, rod spacing and rod lengths
  • Higher laying quality due to simple positioning and accurate rod position
  • Guaranteed quality and high efficiency due to computer-controlled, fully automatic production
  • Simple reinforcement plans
  • Ergonomic working method on the building site
  • Shortening of the total construction time
  • Reduction in CO2 emission due to material efficiency