Product Overview

The high precision and quality of the fully automatic Hundegger machines increase the efficiency and competitiveness of every timber construction factory - from small-scale to large-scale enterprises.

The universal, flexible machines are used in all timber construction sections from carpentry joining, contract joining, log house construction, prefabricated house construction, gluelam joining to the production of playground equipment and they can be quickly and perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the customers due to their modular construction.


• Joinery machines    • Automatic cutting machines    • Planers  
• Gantry-type machining centres    • Automatic panel processing machines 
• MHM production lines  • Profile wood elements production lines 
• Handling systems 


Product overview


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The industrial high-performance class with maximum availability

K2-Industry sets completely new standards in performance, flexibility

and capability for processing structural timber components.




Cutting machine TURBO-Drive

The machine TURBO-Drive is the perfect solution, if quick and flexible cutting is required. Moreover, the machine can carry out also drilling and milling works as well as any markings.


Joinery machine ROBOT-Drive

The new Hundegger ROBOT- Drive joinery machine perfectly combines the advantages of a completely new machine concept with the experience of more than 4,800 Hundegger machines supplied. 

From the CAD drawing to the finished part 

6-axis processing in one step

From 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 1250 mm

Complete and precise!


Joinery machine ROBOT-Solo

With the ROBOT-Solo, a 6-axis unit performs all the necessary work steps on the part – and in a single run. 

From the CAD drawing to the finished part 

6-axis processing in one step

From 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 1250 mm

Complete and precise!


Joinery machine K2i

For cutting to size and joining boards and beams from

20 x 50 mm to 300 x 450 mm - without retooling;

optionally 650 mm or 1250 mm.


SC-3 automatic cutting machines

The most rational machine for the stand construction and nailed plate truss cutting

for cross sections from 20 x 40 mm to 160 x 450 mm; optionally 200 x 450 mm.


HM-3 / HM-4 planers

Automatic 4 sided structural timber planing and chamfering machine for cross-sections from 15 x 30 mm to 300 x 400 mm; optionally 300 x 625 mm.  


PBA Panel Cutting Machine

Complete processing of laminated girders, solid wood panels and other panels up to 8 m width, 48 cm thickness and any length.


SPM Automatic panel processing machines 

Fully automatic machine for processing all panel materials.


MHM Production lines

For the production of the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® invented by Hans Hundegger.


PHE Production lines

The most efficient and most inexpensive method of manufacturing solid wall

and ceiling elements in visible quality!  


Loading, unloading and sorting systems

Pick&Feed and Pick&Place - fully automatic transport systems for loading and unloading Hundegger joinery machines, automatic cutting machines and machining centres. 



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Hundegger offers outstanding benefits:

  • Quality and performance from the market leader
  • Incomparable price-performance ratio
  • One and the same machine for all timber construction sections
  • Individual arrangement and machine equipment
  • Optimised production of multiple lengths (board stretcher)
  • Fully automatic waste optimisation
  • Optional accessories for all applications
  • Integrated software modules for supporting job preparation
  • Free program updates