State-of-the-art joinery machine for Rosenheim Technical University

New Hundegger ROBOT-Drive at the Laboratory for Sawmill Technology and Solid-wood Processing                                                                       
Happy faces at Rosenheim Technical University: With Hans Hundegger PLC's ROBOT-Drive joinery machine, the university at last regains the required technical conditions to successfully prepare students for the modern challenges of Industry 4.0 in the wood-processing industry. Hans Hundegger could not resist personally handing over the new ROBOT-Drive on site and pressing the symbolic start button. A select group of specialised colleagues and experts from industry and science gave thunderous Applause.

The university at Rosenheim had to bide its time before being in a position to offer students at the Laboratory for Sawmill Technology and Solid-wood Processing what's indispensable to solid, future-orientated training: a modern and functional joinery centre satisfying the increasing requirements of the wood-processing industry in interdisciplinary training, along with day-to-day uses in internal and external research and development projects.

 "This new machine technology brings our lab up to the latest standards and advances our ongoing development as a modern, integrated, technology and training centre for industrial solid-wood processing and timber construction", noted Prof. Matthias Zscheile, who went on to thank Hans Hundegger and marketing director Walter Fahrenschon for their personal involvement: "Without them, we simply wouldn't have a functioning joinery centre in Rosenheim today. And without a joinery centre, we aren't able to prepare students for a successful career", he added.

University president Prof. Heinrich Köster also expressed his school's gratitude for Hans Hundegger PLC's support. Preparing the next generation for the industry requires the collaboration of all actors in the timber engineering industry, he concluded.