We welcome our new apprentices


This year we welcome eight apprentices to the beginning of their professional life.

Our young colleagues will learn the professions industrial mechanic, mechatronics engineer and electronics engineer. Thus, the number of apprentices who are working in our company has increased to 34.

On the one hand it is our social responsibility as an expanding company to offer an apprenticeship to young people and on the other hand this is a great opportunity for us to obtain committed and well trained co-operators for our innovative company.

We wish you much success and hope you will enjoy your apprenticeship.


Administation building in the shape of a saw blade



On June 17th, 2013 the company Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH which is located in Hawangen moved into its new administration building which has a shape of a ¾ saw blade. This building also reflects the technical and economical development of the company, as a broad spectrum of parts was used; these parts can be produced on Hundegger machines.


The new administration building also sets high ecological standards, namely with a green roof, timber construction and a geothermal energy pump whose circulating pump is used for cooling in summer.


The external walls are MHM walls, produced on a Hundegger MHM line and processed on a panel cutting machine PBA.


The ceilings consist of profiled wood elements (PHE), produced on a Hundegger PHE line and processed on a panel cutting machine PBA.


The wood decoration front panels were cut on a Hundegger SPM-2 machine, on which also the ceiling formwork for the concrete cellar of the building was processed.

So, for the time being, all collaborators are perfectly accommodated in Hawangen.

News from the world of joinery




More than 1,000 interested visitors seized the opportunity to attend the innovation days 2013 of the company Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH in Hawangen. Trendsetting innovations were presented. The comprehensive programme comprised professional lectures, presentations and discussions with Hundegger experts. Also the current software companies were represented with information desks.
Moreover, three innovations which are worth seeing were presented to the customer: PBA-Drive, ROBOT-Drive and the CAMBIUM software.





The ROBOT-Drive is a cost-efficient joinery machine with little space requirement. With its modular design it can be adapted to customer requirements and it is even affordable for small and medium-sized companies. Even the standard version provides almost unlimited processing possibilities for timber construction companies thanks to the 6-axis Robot unit with the 16 fold tool changer. Depending on the version, parts from 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 1250 mm can be processed on the machine. As a modular extension, a sawing and slotting unit with an integrated marker is available.





The PBA-Drive was presented as a prototype during the innovation days. Its target group includes solid wood constructors, for example MHM producers. In contrast to the PBA which was introduced some years ago the PBA-Drive is no panel cutting machine. It is equipped with an integrated infeed and measuring system. This means that in contrast to a panel cutting machine parts can also be processed from the bottom.





ROBOT-Drive and PBA-Drive were already developed with the new CAMBIUM software. In the future, CAMBIUM will be the standard production platform for all Hundegger machines. It serves as a consistent interface for all CAD programmes. On demand it carries out additional tasks like bar and panel processing, project planning (e.g. order data, precise calculation of machine time) and exportable production data acquisition. Moreover, the software is a CAM system for bar and panel and makes 3D machine simulation possible.




Hundegger "Innovationstage 2013"



ROBOT-Drive - the latest Hundegger innovation




The new Hundegger joinery machine ROBOT-Drive perfectly combines the advantages of a completely new machine concept with the experiences from more than 4,500 Hundegger joinery machines supplied worldwide.


The new machine generation is characterised particularly by high flexibility, little space requirement and low costs. The machine is predestined for timber construction companies which are mainly interested in high flexibility and almost unlimited processing companies. 


The modular machine concept of the Hundegger ROBOT-Drive construction series guarantees precise adaptation of the machine to the processing requirements, in respect of the dimension of the parts to be processed (from 20 x 60 mm to max. 300 x 1250 mm) and also in respect of the required throughput.


This innovative machine concept is based on a newly developed measuring and infeed system, Hundegger Motion Control (HMC). For the first time it provides the opportunity to measure the real movement of the timber directly so that the timber can be transported like in a planer with space-saving infeed rollers.


Even the standard version has a 6-axis Robot unit with rotation speeds of up to 12,000 rpm with an automatic tool changer for 16 different tools, with which all processings which are common in carpentry can be carried out very precisely in one step, also maximum cross-sections of 300 mm x 1250 mm.


Thanks to the compact construction, the machine is also perfectly protected against dust and noise emissions and can be mounted on a plane concrete floor without constructional measures.



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Innovatation in timber engineering