History of Hans Hundegger AG

History of development

After his apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, Hans Hundegger first worked as a design engineer in a factory for carpentry machines. In order to rationalise the parental sawmill, he began to develop and construct machines for sawmills in his spare time in the late 70s.

In 1978, he then founded his own company. Inspired by Jakob Maier, leader of a timber construction company in Türkheim, Hans Hundegger began to develop the very first fully automatic joinery machine worldwide in 1981. This machine was delivered in 1985.

After few years, the demand for fully automatic joinery machines was so enormous that the production of sawmill plants was stopped in 1987 in order to fully concentrate on the further development and marketing of joinery machines.



  • Foundation of an own company for development, production and distribution of sawmill plants.


  • Beginning of development and production of the first computer-controlled joinery machine.


  • Delivery of the first joinery machine P8.


  • Development of a special 4-sided construction timber planer.


  • Commissioning of HMA, the first automatic 4-sided planing and chamfering machine for construction timber worldwide.


  • For the first time CAD data was directly transferred to the joinery machine.


  • Takeover of a software company, which previously worked as a subcontractor.
  • Transformation of the one-man company into a limited company in March 1990.


  • Replacement of the more than 150 times built P8 joinery machine by its succeeding model P10.


  • Presentation of the first compact joinery machine K1 (4-axis technology).


  • Presentation of the first fully automatic welding machine for the production of BAMTEC® reinforcement mats for reinforced concrete floors.


  • Presentation of the gantry-type machining centre PBA.


  • Presentation of the joinery machine K2 at the trade fair "LIGNA" in Hanover. At that time, the K2 was characterised by the revolutionary transport and positioning system (two-hand technology).


  • Construction of the first MHM house with the Massiv-Holz-Mauer system invented and patented by Hans Hundegger. The solid wood elements are produced on the MHM production line which was especially designed and constructed for this purpose by Hundegger.


  • Delivery of the 500th joinery machine K2
  • Presentation of the first Speed-Cut (SC1); an extremely fast automatic cutting machine. 
  • Hans Hundegger is awarded the "Schweighofer Prize".
  • 25th anniversary of the company.


  • Delivery of the first joinery machine K3, a high-speed version of the joinery machine K2. It was especially conceived for industrial production.


  • Delivery of the 100th Speed-Cut
  • Commissioning of the first fully automatic "Pick & Feed and Pick & Place" transport system for loading and unloading of Hundegger joinery machines and automatic cutting machines.


  • Commissioning of the new automatic serial planing machine HM-4 with fully automatic tolerance monitoring for thickness planing. 
  • Commissioning of the first joinery machine K2-900.
  • Delivery of the 200th Speed-Cut
  • Award "Bayerns BEST 50".
  • Opening of the new in-house showroom (700 m2).


  • World premiere of the latest machine generations at the trade fair "Ligna+" in Hanover, Germany. Joinery machine K2i; automatic cutting machine SC2; automatic panel processing machine SPM1.
  • Delivery of the 1000th K2 (K2i-625).
  • Award "Entrepreneur des Jahres - Finalist 2007".


  • 30th anniversary of the company.


  • Commissioning of the first, newly developed PHE production line for the production of profiled wood elements. 
  • Delivery of the 2000th joinery machine
  • Presentation of the automatic panel processing machine SPM-2 at the trade fair "Eurobois" in Lyon (France).
  • Delivery of the first joinery machine K2i-1250.
  • Presentation of the Speed-Cut SC-3 at the trade fair "Ligna" in Hanover (Germany).
  • Delivery of the 1000th planer (HM-4).
  • Commissioning of the first Speed Wall System for vertical wall assembly.


  • Presentation of the new K2-ROBOT at the trade fair "Dach+Holz" in Cologne (Germany).
  • Delivery of the 500th Speed-Cut (SC-3).


  • Delivery of the first production line for profiled wood elements with integrated finger joint plant.
  • Premiere at the LIGNA fair: The high-performance system K2i becomes even more flexible with the integration of the 6-axis Robot unit.



  • Presentation of the ROBOT-Drive, a highly flexible and compact class joinery machine.


  • Construction of the new administration building.
  • Presentation of the new cutting machine TURBO-Drive
    during the trade fair LIGNA in Hanover.
  • Delivery of the 700th Speed-Cut (SC-3).
  • Delivery of the 2500th Joinery-Machine (K2i). 


  • Cornerstone for a solid entrepreneurial development:
    Change of corporate form of Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH to Hans Hundegger AG.


  • Delivery of the 40. panel processing machine
  • Delivery of the 100. panel cutting machine
  • Delivery of the 800. speed-cut
  • Delivery of the 1100. planing and chamfering machine
  • Delivery of the 2650. joinery machine


  • Delivery of the first Panel Cutting Machine PBA-3


  • Delivery of the 50. panel processing machine
  • Delivery of the 900. speed-cut
  • Delivery of the 2650. joinery machine
  • Delivery of the 78. ROBOT
  • Delivery of the 50. TURBO-Drive

Currently ~ 5.300 Hundegger machines are in use worldwide,

in carpentries, contract joinery centres, prefabricated house manufacturers etc.