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From 2004 Hundegger has offered apprenticeships starting with the profession “electronic technician (m/f) for automation engineering”. Following were the apprenticeships as “mechatronics technicians (m/f)” (2006) and “draughtsman (m/f)” (2006), “industrial mechanic (m/f)” (2009) and “industrial business management assistant (m/f)” (2010).

The number of trainess was increased continuously and since September 2012 we have trained 35 young apprentices. On the one hand we consider vocational training as our social responsibility as an expanding company in the region Unterallgäu, on the other hand it is a great chance for us to get committed and well prepared employees for our dynamic company.

Our mechatronics technicians and technical draughtsmen complete an approx. 4 month "Basic course in metals" in our training workshop at the beginning of their apprenticeship. Then they pass through the different departments in our works in Hawangen. Here the mechatronics technicians spend about two thirds of their apprenticeship in the electrical department and in the remaining time they work in the prefabrication, unit assembly, final assembly and service departments.

Also the technical draughtsmen go through the design offices, the prefabrication, unit assembly and machine assembly departments of various woodworking machines during their activity in the various works. The industrial mechanics are trained in the training workshop and then they gain experience in the production department for their later working life.

Apprenticeship as „industrial business management assistant (m/f)“ comprises different divisions: purchase, warehouse/logistics/distribution, financial accounting and bookkeeping, office organisation and human resource management, distribution and marketing. The knowledge of all these divisions is imparted to the apprentices.

All technical professions have an apprenticeship of 3½ years; „industrial business management assistant (m/f)“ ends after 3 years. Every year, training starts on 1 September. As a prerequisite for all these professions, we expect a good Certificate of Secondary Education. However, we predominantly attach great importance to the personal aptitude of the applicants.

Applications should be handed in one year before the apprenticeship starts, by mid-August. They should include curriculum vitae, photo, certificates on internships as well as a copy of the last two school reports.

Our electronic technicians, industrial mechanics and industrial business management assistants attend the professional school in Memmingen. The classes for technical draughtsmen and mechatronics technicians will be held in Kempten.

We offer training in the following trades:


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  • Electronics technicians for automatic control engineering
  • Mechatronics technicians
  • Technical draughtsmen, field machine technology and system engineering
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Industrial Clerks
  • Zerspanungsmechaniker/in
  • Fachinformatiker/in Systemintegration